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The StandThe Stand by Stephen King

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I am, by nature, a chicken.

I refuse to go on roller coasters, I will never see a horror movie, I’m scared of deep water and the dark, I will avoid the aisle in the toy store where the bin of rubber snakes is, and the only time I’ve been in a haunted house, I hid in a corner and screamed for them to ‘turn it off’.

(They didn’t.)

Like I said, chicken.

I’ve picked up Stephen King’s The Stand a dozen times without opening it. Something about the cover, with its ethereal symbolism, beckoned and terrified me: the white knight with his hidden face and the ‘dark man’ with a crow’s head sticking out of a jester-esque costume fighting each other on a barren landscape: the knight has a very long, silver sword and the ‘dark man’s’ arms are raised up over his head, ready to strike with a scythe.

My husband finally talked me in to listening to the audiobook version on my commute to work in the morning. The thought of listening to a scary story didn’t frighten me as much, when I knew I’d be multitasking between that, my morning coffee, and battling the Los Angeles freeways.

(This drastically backfired on me after a late night at work. The unfortunate timing of my departure after dark, the lonely freeways, and the main character’s encounter with the “Come-Down-Into-The-Dark-And-Eat-Chicken-With-Me Man” didn’t deter me from future listening sessions, but did make me grateful that no one could hear me scream inside my car.)

The Stand took me a solid two months to listen to. It’s 48 hours long. And I loved every minute of it. Mr. King even surprised me with a romance that twisted the plot in a new and complicated way. I was very sad to hear the recorded “Audible hopes you have enjoyed this program” that is tagged on to the end of all of their books.

I’m proud to say that I’ve read The Stand. Though, …now I’m afraid of stairwells and tunnels. And crows. And Las Vegas. “Ciabola, Ciabola, bumpty, bumpty, bump!”

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