Write Those Winter Blues Away

Pacific Northwest

When the sun seems a million miles away and the Christmas Tree has gone back into hibernation in the hall closet, it’s easy to sink into The Winter Blues. It’s too cold to go outside, the flu is shrinking your social calendar, and after your last minute holiday shopping excursions, the mall is the last place you want to go.

Time to sulk on the couch and eat the entire Ziploc bag of cookies your mom shipped to you for Valentine’s Day?

No. It’s time to write.

I recently read a New York Times article about the cold, dark, winter months bringing forth the creativity inside us. When we don’t have warm weather and barbeques to beckon us outside, it’s easy to stay at our desks. Rain and overcast clouds bring on feelings of sadness (also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder) and we all know that depression equals creativity. Maybe that’s why so many of the great authors lived (and live) in the northern most reaches of their countries.

I lived in Portland, Oregon from 5th grade through high school graduation and those 8 years shaped my creativity. I reveled in the wispy fog, the squeak of my windshield wipers, the growing patch of dampness on the heels of my jeans. Some hated it and longed to move south, but the true Oregonians simply went on with their day; mowing lawns, washing cars and running errands in the constant drizzle. Because if they waited until the rain stopped, well, nothing would get done.

I miss the Pacific Northwest very much. I live in Los Angeles now, and the “LA Basin” is about as far away as you can get from the lush, greenness of that majestic land. I watch the weather reports here like a hawk, and glare at the row of happy suns shining on each day of the coming week.

If my husband’s job weren’t tied to this city and my writing partner (and her husband and dog) agreed to come with me, I would move us all to the Great Northwest and let my creativity go wild.

As I’m here for the time being, I’ll make do by putting on my favorite sweater, cranking up the air conditioner, and listening to a soundtrack of rainstorms.

Use these dark, winter months to tackle a project or read that dusty pile of books on your nightstand. Because all too soon, the sun will come out, your backyard will beckon, and those beach party invitations will start arriving.

Not to sound like a Home Depot commercial, but let’s get to work!

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Happy Creating,

Jessica Kirby Alexander
1/2 of Kirby Howell

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  1. Dana Melton says:

    I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest, but hearing about it from you and Eric’s mom makes me yearn to live there one day. So, you’ve got 1 out of 4 sold on the idea! I’ll run it by Eric and the pup later today as well. 😉

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