Cover Grazing

Cover Grazing

We’re getting close to having new cover art for the first book in the Autumn Series, Autumn in the City of Angels!  The model in the picture is a good friend of ours and she’s proudly Beta #0.  Ashley read the treatment of the first book before it became Autumn in the City of Angels – back when Autumn was in her late 20s and about to get married when the Crimson Fever struck!  Ashley has cheered us on as a friend and a fan so we were very pleased that she agreed to play Autumn for the book cover.

One Saturday, Ashley and Dana came over to the apartment I share with my husband.  A friend let us borrow some professional lights, we blacked out the LA winter sunshine with foil taped over the windows and set to work.  My husband, who seems to know how to do everything under the sun except hang up a damp towel, was the photographer for the photo shoot, directing Ashley on ‘being’ Autumn while Dana and I traded off playing lighting technician.

Cover Photo Shoot

Cover Photo Shoot with our model, Ashley, and our photographer, Brian.

We dressed Ashley in a typical post-apocalyptic Autumn outfit: jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt, gray zip up hoodie and of course, beat up Jack Purcells.  As an added bonus, I put a necklace on her that I’ve had since high school.  The charm is a Celtic knot and in the book, Autumn wears it always to remember her Irish mother’s heritage.  Being that neither of my parents are Irish, I didn’t wear that necklace for the same honorable reasons as Autumn.  It was a fad and my sister had one.  So naturally, I begged my mom until I got one too.

Brian took over three hundred pictures of Ashley that afternoon and we ended up with several that we were happy with.

When I’m browsing on Amazon or at my local book store, I graze the shelves, waiting for an image or title to catch my eye.  If I find something interesting, I pick it up and read the back.  If the synopsis intrigues me, I open it up and read the first paragraph.  If the author’s voice is appealing, it gets tucked into the crook of my arm to be carried around and weighed against other books that have survived my highly advanced testing procedure.

I’ll admit, it’s an unfair way to shop for good reads, but how else are we supposed to weed through the thousands of books available to us?  Aside from personal recommendations from friends, ‘cover grazing’ is the next best bet.

What makes you stop and pick up a book?  What are some of your favorite book covers?


  1. Izabella Rose says:

    I do the exact same thing when looking for a book!! It is so hard to find “good” books to read that are interesting and if the cover, title or synopsis doesn’t grab my attention I more than likely will not purchase it.

    I think the cover of the book is amazing! It really does grab your attention! I am so stoked to be able to buy this book when it is published. Even though I was part of the beta I still go back and read the versions that I have when I need something good to read.

  2. KristinW says:

    My book-browsing procedure is the same as yours. An eye-catching cover makes all the difference in the world, and I think yours turned out great! I didn’t even realize that was Ashley!

  3. Jen Everland says:

    I just wait for my sister in law to do the work for me- she picks the best books! Matched is currently being passed around- 4 people have read it so far :)

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