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It’s not secret to most of you guys reading this blog that Kirby and I have strong roots in the Southern part of the US, being that I was born there, and later met Kirby at the University of Alabama (we won’t include the year as to somewhat mask our ages!).

Even though it’s been nearly a decade since moving to the West Coast, we’re still fortunate enough to have some of our closest friends back down South, and we dedicate this blog post to a specific few, the Daly Sisters.

This EXTREMELY talented group of ladies is responsible for making us look good (Yes, we’re talking about you, Heather Daly Whidden!)  Heather flew all the way to Los Angeles, while 4 months pregnant, to do our amazing author headshots – and if you live anywhere near Birmingham, we HIGHLY recommend using her for your photographic needs (www.reflectionsofphotography.com).  But, beyond our beautiful headshots, the Daly sisters’ continued love and support of the upcoming Autumn Series has spawned some truly amazing art that I’d like to share with you guys now.

Grey Stares at The Water Tower

By Becky Daly

This is probably our favorite one in the series done by Becky Daly and partially inspired by Suzanne Daly and, of course, Heather Daly Whidden.  We love Grey watching over the blue wave that is the façade of The Water Tower, and the little light on at the top where Autumn’s penthouse apartment would be.  It also features a wonderful little Easter egg for Autumn enthusiasts, the little lemon dangling from the tree limb.

Becky also supplied us with a few other Autumn inspired sketches.

Autumn Art

By Becky Daly

I’m partial to this one because I love the portrayal of Autumn on the couch here.  We also love that Becky included Grey’s shadow, watching Autumn.  If I’m lucky, I’m going to nab this from her the next time I’m home and see about framing it!  (Shhhh…  don’t tell Becky!)

Autumn's Lemon Tree

By Becky Daly

And finally, we have a simpler image, the lemon tree from Autumn’s penthouse, with the single little lemon dangling from a low branch.  We love the symbolism here as well, and how simple the design is.  In case you’ve yet to read the books, we won’t ruin it for you.

Twilight in Autumn

By Heather Daly Whidden (and sisters!)

And also… we have their little joke image for the Twihards in our audience…  Hah!  I wonder how many lawsuits we’d have to contend with if this WERE our actual book cover, eh?

So, a big shout out to the Daly Sisters, and a big thank you for all the encouragement, art and support!


  1. Aww… Thanks for the love you guys! We’re thrilled to contribute to the life of your incredible story as diehard fans! So excited for the release!

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