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Admin’s Note: This blog post was originally written on 02/06/11 and due to website malfunctions (Jessica’s malfunctions) and back injuries (Dana’s back), this is getting posted now.  So fuel up your DeLorean DMC-12, we’re going back in time by 10 days…  *cue Huey Lewis*

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Yes, in one word (well, in one hyphenate) I’ve revealed my age, and lack of cool factor.  But that’s the word that continues to run through my head today.  You see, on Saturday afternoon, Jes and I finally entered a Facebook contest aimed at anyone with a Fan Page with 50 or more “likes” or “fans”.  The goal of the contest is to raise awareness of Facebook advertising (as if anyone alive hasn’t noticed those little ads running up and down the right hand side of their feed!).  Just by entering, the participant would be eligible for $50 of free Facebook advertising, and if they can rack up 100 new “likes” or “fans” before March 31st, they’d be eligible for an additional $100.

Now, for those of you reading this who are aspiring authors or new authors, you know how important any free advertising is… and for those of you in the digital age, you know how important free TARGETED advertising is.  So we thought, heck yeah… let’s do that!  So we crossed our fingers that the first Autumn book would come out in time to use the first $50 dollars of ads and signed up, then… began begging our friends on Facebook/Twitter/Google+… you name it, to start adding us and spread the word.

Well it’s been about… let’s round it to an even 48 hours since we signed up and we’re one “like” away from hitting half of our target of 100 new “likes”.   It’s been so much fun going to our Kirby Howell Facebook Page, where we do most of our online interaction, and watching the numbers go up.  And it’s created a slight new obsession for both of us, where every chime of the iPhone, or ding of an email brings us straight to the computer and hitting the refresh button to see who the newest fan is, and where they came to us from.  This is shortly followed by a text/IM/email/phone call to the other half of Kirby Howell where we say “Did you see ____ just added us?!!”

It may seem like a dull way to while away the hours, but let me be the first to assure you, it’s not.  We are truly grateful and humbled by every “like” we get and by the support of every single person who reads and enjoys our work.

Much love,

Kirby Howell

(Oh!  I think I heard another Facebook notification!  I gotta go call Kirby!)

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